When Even a Bad Sign is a Good Sign

Rudy Peters Sign

Rudy Peters, the Republican nominee facing Representative Eric Swalwell in California’s 15th district was willing to take a bullet for his party, but apparently not suffer a literal flesh wound at the hands of a deranged knife-wielding attacker. While working his campaign booth during the Castro Valley Fall Festival, police told the Sacramento Bee that Peters, a Navy veteran, used one of his campaign signs to fend off the threat.

Attacks on candidates are likely to increase in the future, one veteran hack told GSBS. “Back in the days before coroplast and bag signs, these sorts of attacks were rare. When you carry a sledgehammer, a wooden stake and a commercial grade stapler, thugs tended to leave you alone.”

Peters will need more than a good campaign sign (which he obviously doesn’t have, See GSBS 101) and a lot of luck (which he obviously does have) if he hopes to unseat Swalwell, who won his last race with 74% of the vote…


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DE Murphy

Former state legislator, Party Chair, 2008 Delegation Chair, Convention Delegate in 2000, 2008, 2016 and 2020. Current political and public policy advocate on Capitol Hill and part-time equal opportunity sign critic.

One thought on “When Even a Bad Sign is a Good Sign”

  1. Whatever its merits as a defensive shield in combat, that Peters sign just doesn’t work as communication. It reminds me of publishing where the author, eager for prestige and awards, often wants a tasteful and restrained design for the book jacket while the publisher knows how many copies that will sell (zero) and prefers a design that jumps out at the casual shopper two aisles away.

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