Johnny O… Johnny NO!


Shame on Good Sign Bad Sign 101 for failing to suggest NOT using cursive on a campaign sign, but frankly, it never occurred to us that anyone with an ounce of credibility or a shot at winning would even consider it. Silly us. But here you have it, perhaps the first such sign in the history of campaigns, or at least the history of coroplast. Can’t you hear the ‘artist’ saying to the candidate, “Your name is already difficult enough to pronounce, so why don’t we make it difficult to read too??? And just to make matters worse, we’ll make your name smaller than necessary so we can make room for some odd shape on the left margin that has no relevance. OK?” But for some odd reason BALTIMORE COUNTY EXECUTIVE is bold, capped and sans-serifs.

Olszewski deserves credit for not insulting voters by putting his web address on the sign (this ain’t the 90’s), for not putting his mug on it and for not wasting a 4×8 when a 2×8 would do.

Reader Challenge: If you find a sign (not in braille) more difficult to read than this, send it in.

GSBS is really going out on a limb here because we are located in BALTIMORE COUNTY where the next EXECUTIVE will determine which streets get plowed and which do not…

Epic Fail. 0/5 Stars.

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DE Murphy

Former state legislator, Party Chair, 2008 Delegation Chair, Convention Delegate in 2000, 2008, 2016 and 2020. Current political and public policy advocate on Capitol Hill and part-time equal opportunity sign critic.

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