Good Sign Bad Sign: Statewide Edition

IMG_3432There is a lot to debate about Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, but what is not debatable is that the titular head of the MD Democratic Party (debatable)  knows how to design a good sign. OK, maybe he didn’t design it, and since he has more important things to do than micromanage a statewide campaign, we hope he didn’t.

Franchot gets points for having his name left/right justified, for majority name coverage, for proper scale, for sharp color contrast and for bold capped lettering sans-serifs. He also gets points for what he didn’t do, no website, no picture, no cursive. And in a world of black, red, white and yellow signs all promoting the state colors, this sign stands out because you would expect to see it in Delaware. Perhaps unintentional, but still a good call. As summer turns to fall, this sign will not get lost in the landscape.

Slightly modified, it would fit on a 2×8 for half the price and be easily installed with other statewide candidates, but GSBS doubts that will happen. The taxman has carved out a comfortable (debatable) place of independence in this election, and slate signs or any similar pairing will not likely happen under his authority line.

Franchot is practically running unopposed and will get reelected (not debatable) regardless of the quality of his sign. If he has designs on another office in the future, his attention to detail on these little things bodes well for that success.

WINNER! 5/5 Stars.

Published by

DE Murphy

Former state legislator, Party Chair, 2008 Delegation Chair, Convention Delegate in 2000, 2008, 2016 and 2020. Current political and public policy advocate on Capitol Hill and part-time equal opportunity sign critic.

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