The Dangers of Sign Pix and Word Bubbles

Photoshopped Signs

State Delegate Christian Miele is running for the State Senate and he is running with scissors. The first term photogenic Republican is challenging his Democratic Senator, Kathy Klausmeier, who is running for reelection to her seventh term in the General Assembly.

In 2014, the district went heavily for Governor Hogan who has strongly endorsed Miele. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at a mailer sent by Senate Democrats on Klausmeier’s behalf.¬†Considering it’s still only September, we have to wonder how far Klausmeier’s one-way love affair might go.

A short drive around the district suggests that Team Miele believes there is no better way to convey ‘New and Improved’ than with pictures. Miele is also trying to prove you can violate literally every rule of campaign signage (and then some) and still get elected. In our Dos and Don’t of campaign signage we strongly oppose including the candidate’s mug, regardless how attractive he/she might be. Miele obviously disagrees, and considering he is currently undefeated in his short career, maybe he’s right.

Out of respect for President Lincoln, we pulled our punches regarding facial hair, but again, it appears to be working for the bearded Miele.

What we failed to include in the “Don’ts” column was any mention of the word or thought bubble. It just seemed redundant. After all, your sign can’t have a word bubble if your sign doesn’t have a face for it to come out of.

Faces on signs are just an invitation for some prankster with a Sharpie to make mischief. But in the Photoshop era, any political hack with a sense of humor or candidate on the ropes might find the word bubble too inviting to ignore.

Including a word bubble isn’t just running with scissors, it’s juggling chainsaws.




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DE Murphy

Former state legislator, Party Chair, 2008 Delegation Chair, Convention Delegate in 2000, 2008, 2016 and 2020. Current political and public policy advocate on Capitol Hill and part-time equal opportunity sign critic.

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