Johnny O, Johnny NO! 2.0

IMG_3453How do you make one of the worst signs in the history of coroplast twice as bad??? Make it twice as big of course.

Because their 2×8 wasn’t bad enough, Olszewski’s campaign decided to double up and top it off, literally and figuratively. As if two unreadable signs were easier to read than one unreadable sign, they stacked a 4×8 on top of a 2×8. And then installed the signs FACING AWAY FROM TRAFFIC so drivers could attempt to read them backwards in their rearview mirrors. Why did no one ever think of this idea before?

Or is this something more sinister?

Never in the history of Good Sign Bad Sign have we seen such a bogarting of the wood. Slate signs are difficult to design and the logistics are often difficult as well. Unless an entire slate survives the primary the winning candidates have to create new slate signs. More often than not they share lumber. Not in this case they don’t.

Ever get on a crowded bus or train only to find passengers with their bags on the remaining seats? Could that be what’s happening here?

GSBS can’t help but wonder who Team O is trying to keep at arm’s length. Why is there is no room at the inn for the top of their ticket? After all, Ben Jealous received 41% of the vote in Baltimore County, in a 9-way race, finishing with over 34,000 votes. Those numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. What is most impressive about the winner’s totals is that he bested the second place finisher, PG County Executive Rushern Baker, by a punishing 20,000 votes.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of star-power on their ticket? Olszewski received 6,300 fewer votes than Jealous, while running on virtually the same extremely liberal platform. They share the same base yet he squeaked out just a 9-vote margin over three opponents. In a county with a 2-1 D/R ratio, you almost have to wonder why Landslide Johnny isn’t nailing up the Jealous signs himself.

Actually the nickname ‘Landslide’ should go to Jealous, who literally could have claimed victory at 8:01 pm on election night while people were still standing in line to vote. Jealous could have walked his family to Disney World and back before Olszewski’s win was certified.

Maybe it’s Jealous who doesn’t want to be seen with Olszewski. Who’s the drag on this ticket anyway??? That makes more sense. Or maybe Jealous read our previous blog post, Johnny O…Johnny NO! and doesn’t want his signs to be paired with the worst signs ever.

Or maybe Jealous doesn’t have any signs… We’ll keep searching.



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DE Murphy

Former state legislator, Party Chair, 2008 Delegation Chair, Convention Delegate in 2000, 2008, 2016 and 2020. Current political and public policy advocate on Capitol Hill and part-time equal opportunity sign critic.

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